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August 27th, 2018 by

Flagging it Down

When you have trouble on the road and need to be carried through tough weather and trails that can be difficult to manage, one of the vehicles you hope comes along that you can flag down is a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  This SUV is the top of the lineup from the Jeep brand which is considered to be comprised of some of the most capable SUVs on the market.  The pricing for the Grand Cherokee is affordable and it can be a vehicle you can drive around Mokena, IL and be the one that’s flagged down when trouble comes your way.

There are a variety of ways you can enjoy the drive in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  This SUV make the range from the basic hauler with 4WD capabilities on up to one that packs 707 horsepower under the hood.  Check out the pricing offered at South Oak Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram in Matteson, IL and choose the right version for your driving needs in Mokena, IL.  This is an SUV that has the qualities you’re looking for and the comforts that can make the drive better for you on a daily basis.

As you take a look at the Jeep Grand Cherokee and learn what’s new for this SUV for the 2018 model year, one item will certainly stand out.  The new Trackhawk version that has the 707 horsepower Hellcat engine under the hood is brand new.  The pricing for this SUV puts it at the top the lineup for this SUV.  Other improvements across the lineup include added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration to the infotainment system and the new Sterling Edition which is made to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of this SUV as a model you can enjoy in Mokena, IL.

In addition to the new model with insane power, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is offered with an optional air suspension to give you the ride you want at a variety of height settings.  At the highest level, the SUV can offer 10.6 inches of ground clearance and this optional system only increases the pricing by a small amount to have it be part of the vehicle you drive in Mokena, IL.  When you lower the settings of the air suspension you’ll have improved aerodynamics that you can enjoy when you head out on the road.

It’s time for you to have the vehicle that performs the rescues for those stranded on the side of the road and that vehicle can be the Jeep Grand Cherokee that’s offered with the pricing you want.  Choose this model for the drive around Mokena, IL when you choose this SUV at South Oak Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram in Matteson, IL.  Make this the right SUV for you to enjoy on a daily basis when you’re ready to have what you want and the capability that makes a lot of sense for you out on the trails in your area.

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