How to Choose a Jeep Lift Kit

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on boulders

If you opt for a Jeep Wrangler in Frankfort, you can learn how you can lift your Jeep to increase your driving fun and enhance the ground clearance for better off-road capabilities. Read on to learn why you may consider lifting your Jeep, and how to find the best lift kit for your needs.

Benefits of a Lifted Jeep

There are a few reasons for Jeep owners to lift a Jeep themselves, most commonly some do it for the look and appeal while others want to improve off-road performance. While a stock Jeep is very capable when you travel off the beaten path, a lifted Jeep offers off-road performance that’s even more impressive.

With the added height and larger tires that a lift kit offers, you’ll enjoy greater ground clearance, better approach angles for steep climbs and rocky obstacles, as well as greater articulation and stability.

Types of Jeep Lift Kits

There are numerous options when it comes to lifting your Jeep. There are many parts and accessories available for Jeep vehicles and as a result, there are countless Jeep lift kits available. When it comes to lifting your SUV, the type of lift kit you purchase is largely dependant on your driving habits and budget.

It’s important to know how you plan to use your Jeep so that you can choose a high quality, well-engineered product(s) to fit your needs and budget. If you need help figuring our what you need, contact our team of experts. Here, we’ve listed some of the most common options:

Body Lift

A body lift is an inexpensive and simple way to lift a jeep. With a body lift, additional space is added between the body and frame. It provides 1-3 inches of lift while keeping the suspension and wheels stock. This lift is favorable for those you want to lift their Jeep for cosmetic reasons, as it doesn’t actually provide enhanced off-road capabilities.

Budget Boost/Coil Spring Spacers

This type of lift consists of coil spacers placed on top of your Jeep’s coil springs. 1.5-2 inches of lift is common. This type of lift is favorable for many because it doesn’t require a lot of suspension modifications and factory ride quality is maintained. Like the body lift, this modification is mostly for looks and favorable for drivers looking to add larger tires.

Coil Lifts

With this lift, longer coil springs are added to your vehicle. This type of lift offers 2-3.5 inches of suspension lift. In addition, the taller coil spring provide increases articulation. This is a great type of lift for serious off-roaders.

Short Arm Lift Kit

A short arm lift kit includes everything found in a coil spring kit with the addition of longer front and rear control arms, bigger sway bar links, and shocks. Short arm lift kits are one of the most common due to their effectiveness. This lift allows over 2-6 inches of lift. It also gives great off-road capability and increased ground clearance and wheel travel. Because this kit is essentially a full suspension set up, this kit comes highly recommended for many off-roaders.

Long Arm Lift Kit

A long arm lift kit utilizes long control arms mounted further back on the Jeep frame in an attempt to provide better suspension angles. Long arm lifts give your Jeep extreme articulation and insane crawling ability. However, long arms can get caught up on rocks much easier and this kit is pricey. It also requires welding and fabrication to install. For this reason, the kit is best for professionals and enthusiasts who want to see their Jeep at its very best.

Ready to Lift Your Jeep?

If you decided to add a lift kit your Jeep, contact the service department at South Oak Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler. We offer many parts and accessories, and we can perform expert installation in house!