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Mopar Overview

From humble beginnings as a trademark for advertising a line of antifreeze from the Chrysler Motor Parts Corporation back in the 1930s, Mopar parts has grown into one of the most trusted and recognized names in the automotive industry. Mopar has grown from being synonymous with Chrysler Motor Parts to becoming recognized on its own as a symbol of durability, quality, and expertise. 

Now, Mopar is recognized as an organization that handles everything from general maintenance and parts replacement to high-end performance gear for the racing world. Mopar parts are built specifically for Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler models, and they’re the best best for New Lenox drivers in need of parts or service. Visit our auto repair shop in Matteson to find the Mopar service and parts your vehicle deserves. 

The MOPAR Difference

Drivers can certainly choose cheap aftermarket parts for their new JDCR model, but that cheapness is reflected in more than just the price. Unlike aftermarket parts, genuine Mopar parts and accessories are built to last and make your Mokena drive safer. Our South Oak parts and service center can offer the benefits of working with Mopar such as:

  • Outstanding Quality: Built to reflect factory standards of the brand, Mopar parts are built with quality material by experienced technicians.
  • Ease of Shopping: Mopar parts can be found at your local JDCR dealer and are separated and categorized by make, model, and year so you won’t have to shuffle through hundreds of options to find the exact part you need.
  • An Exact Fit: With Mopar, each part is crafted for a specific vehicle to ensure the perfect fit that reflects exactly how it fit when it rolled off the assembly line.
  • Warranty: Not only do genuine Mopar parts and accessories generally come with warranty protection, but you also don’t have to fear breaking your vehicle warranty by using a part that doesn’t meet standards like you would with aftermarket.
  • Selection: No matter if your vehicle issue is related to your engine, suspension, wiring, air conditioning, brakes, or any other problem area, our auto repair shop in Matteson offers the Mopar service and parts you need.
  • Great Availability: One of the best things about Mopar is the availability. Visit any JDCR dealer, like South Oak, and odds are they’ll have the genuine Mopar parts and accessories you need on-site.

Although there are many ways to service or replace parts on your Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler vehicle, it’s hard to beat the quality and craftsmanship that comes along with genuine Mopar parts and accessories. Trust the experts at our South Oak parts and service center to take your vehicle to the next level.

Benefits of OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Any driver looking to enhance the look or performance of their vehicle will be attempting to stick to a budget. While aftermarket parts can have a lower sticker price, they come with many hidden costs. With aftermarket parts, there is no guarantee that they will fit or function properly. This can lead to additional costs of time and labor to correct the issues. If the aftermarket part does fit your vehicle, the lifespan may not lineup with what you paid for.

Opting for OEM parts is a smart investment that takes the worry out of upgrading your vehicle. You will receive a high-quality part designed specifically to fit your vehicle and to perform the task you are looking for. Many Mopar parts are backed by a warranty that enhances the value of your investment. When you compare aftermarket parts vs. OEM, the choice is clear. Choose quality first and avoid headaches down the road.

Get Your Mopar Parts and Services at South Oak JDCR

Now that you better understand where Mopar came from, and what their parts and service can offer you, visit our South Oak parts and service center today near Frankfort to find what you need. Visit our service department to learn more about Mopar service and parts, and schedule your next appointment with our auto repair shop in Matteson. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our parts department. Schedule a test drive with your local JDCR dealer today!

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