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Routine maintenance is essential for your vehicle. Whether that’s an oil change, getting the cabin air filter replaced, or having your battery checked, South Oak Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler is at your service. That’s why we offer car repair and service coupons to make sure you get the services you need without spending an arm and a leg. And whether your vehicle needs tire alignments, brake service, or major repairs, you can place your confidence in the experienced technicians at our South Oak Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler service department

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Service Specials


* Don’t forget to rotate your tires! South Oak’s Tire Rotation package will help extend the life of your tires, improve braking performance, and help ensure the smoothness and safety of your ride.

$20 OFF

* Traditional transmission services remove only a small portion of old fluid, leaving behind large amounts of depleted fluid that can cause deposits to form and affect shifting.
* Regular $229.95

$10 OFF

* Fluid deterioration and wear from debris and sludge can damage components and lead to diminished steering performance.
* Regular $159.95

$15 OFF

* Intake-Valve deposits can lead to drivability problems.  Deposits in the Air-Intake System cause rough idle and loss of performance.  Components such as the Throttle Body should be cleaned regularly.
* Regular $199.95

$10 OFF

* Corrosion and rust can occur when additions in coolants that protect the cooling system have been depleted. Damage can also be accelerated of all the old coolant is not removed during a service.  This condition can lead to overheating, leaks, and costly repairs.
* Regular $169.95

$15 OFF
Arctic Blast™ with Eco-Cool Technology

One of the main causes of reducing engine performance and fuel economy in a vehicle is simply turning on the HVAC system. Efficiency can drop by as much as 20% when the HVAC system is running due to added load on the engine. When an engine has to work harder, fuel economy suffers. By injecting Artic Blast™ into the HVAC system, you can experience the following benefits year-around:
* Improved cooling/Heating efficiency
* Colder vent temps in the summer
* Faster defrost in the winter
* Lower fuel consumption

EXPIRES: 09/30/2022
MOC® A/C Cleaner & Odor Treatment

MOC® A/C Odor Treatment is a special blend of odor neutralizers that quickly eliminates odor-producing organisms that grow in the evaporator core and housing of air-conditioner systems. By cleansing the system, problems such as breathing discomfort and eye irritations may be avoided when the occupant turns on the air-conditioner. It is not just for A/C odors; it works equally well to control odors in the heating system during cold seasons.
Other outstanding features:
* Immediately attacks odors on contact
* Easy application – Saves time
* Odors are eliminated, not masked.
* Non-ozone depleting – contains no CFCs

EXPIRES: 09/30/2022
A/C Performance Test

Includes partial charge for inoperative systems
Disclaimer: Includes 2 pounds of R134a refrigerant, dye for leak testing and pressure checks
Disclaimer: This service does NOT include R1234YF systems. Please contact your service advisor for pricing on R1234YF systems.

EXPIRES: 08/31/2022
10% Off A/C System Repair
10% Off

Disclaimer: Maximum discount of $100
Disclaimer: Cannot be combined with any other coupons. However, coupon can be applied to additional services not listed on this page.

EXPIRES: 08/31/2022
Summer Get Ready For The Heat!
$189.95 Cooling System Service and Inspection

This service includes pressure testing for leaks and a flush of the cooling system. Also, includes at least one gallon of Mopar coolant (see advisor for details).

EXPIRES: 08/31/2022
Oil Change Package
Starting at $74.95 for Two Conventional Oil Changes and $104.95 for Two Synthetic Oil Changes
EXPIRES: 08/31/2022
Free Wiper Blade Installation

Free wiper blade installation any Mopar blade purchase from South Oak

EXPIRES: 08/31/2022
$10 OFF

Tire Specials

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Parts Specials

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