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How Does Leasing a Vehicle Work?

Leasing a car, truck or SUV is similar to buying a new car or truck from a dealership. Once you’ve completed your research and decided which model you want you will go into the dealership. A sales rep will have you test drive your desired vehicle to see
if it really is the best match for your needs. It also helps uncover any unforeseen issues such as if the car is too low to get in or out of everyday. Or if there’s enough room for child seats. Afterward, you choose the color, trim level, and options
you want for your truck, car, or SUV, and then discuss financing options. What are the Differences Between Buying and Leasing? The differences between buying and leasing a vehicle occur at the close of the lease. When your lease ends, you’ll have the
decision to buy your car, or trade it in and take out a lease on a new car. If you love your car and decide to buy it at the close of your lease, you will need to contact us to receive a payoff quote and instructions for purchasing your car. Many people
opt to trade in their lease vehicle for a newer model to keep up with technological advancements and comforts.

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