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October 1st, 2019 by

Its Time for a Jeep Truck

One of the most highly anticipated vehicles coming to the market is the new Jeep Gladiator.  This new vehicle is the most off-road ready pickup truck ever built because it shares a platform with the Wrangler, that we already admire and love.  This new pickup offers you the ability to carry and pull the load while enjoying the benefits of the amazing adventure that can be had out on the trails.  We’ve been looking forward to this new vehicle for a long time and now it’s finally about to arrive for your drive in Hammond, IN.

Take a Look at the Gladiator Bed

The truck bed of the new Jeep Gladiator measures five feet in length and its fitted with a variety of tie-downs for you to hook up your gear and make sure it’s not going to fall out.  This bed is made of steel and can be had with a spray-in bedliner to give you the durability you desire.  The tailgate is made of aluminum, can support up to 1,800 pounds, and is damped to keep it from slamming down.  In fact, you can lock the tailgate at the mid-position to haul long sheets of plywood and know they won’t fall out of the bed as you drive in Hammond, IN.

Tow and Haul what you Need to

The new Jeep Gladiator is capable of towing up to 7,650 pounds and can carry a load of 1,600 pounds in the bed.  This means you could hook up a boat and take it to the lake or you can fill the bed with a load of gravel or mulch and bring it home to be used in the yard.  You might be surprised to learn that these numbers for the Gladiator are greater than the numbers of some of the other midsize truck on the market.  Check out the price for this truck at South Oak Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram today.

Rugged and Ready to Drive

The distance from the ground to the bottom of the new Jeep Gladiator is eleven inches, which allows this truck to be able to drive through up to thirty inches of water.  The underside of the Gladiator is protected with skid plates that make this the truck you want to drive out on the trails.  As you would expect, this Jeep rides with a pair of solid axles and it has a dynamic 4WD system to make sure you can take it out on the trails to have the performance and price you want to enjoy when you drive around Hammond, IN.

You Want the Jeep Gladiator

It’s not really a question of whether or not you want to drive the Jeep Gladiator, this is a truck that offers you the Jeep off-road performance that you’re looking for and the ability to be the truck that’s right for you.  The insane off-road capability, high-quality interior, refined drivetrain, truck versatility, and storage space of this amazing truck will make it the right choice for you.  The new Jeep Gladiator is offered at South Oak Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram to give you price and the ride you’re after in Hammond, IN.