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March 28th, 2019 by

The Right Truck for You

Whether you’re in need of a fantastic truck to be the one you use for the work you do every day, or you need a truck that can offer you the power to handle your recreational enjoyment, the 2019 Ram 1500 can be the right choice for you.  This truck is brand new and ready to give you the power you need.  All you’ve got to do is find the right place to secure one of the impressive truck lease deals that will make the Ram 1500 the truck you drive in Hammond, IL.

Visit this Dealership Today

If you want to work with a dealership that brings you a great drive and allows you to secure one of the most impressive lease programs for the Ram 1500, you need to see the team at South Oak Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram today.  This dealership team has the drive that offers you a variety of great ways to have the drive you want when you head out on the road.  Come in and find the affordable lease that will make it easy for you to enjoy what this Ram offers.

A Brand New Ram

The Ram 1500 is brand new from the ground up for 2019 to give you an all-new frame and body, a redesigned exterior, a larger interior with more features, an updated suspension, and a much better infotainment system with the 12-inch touchscreen we’ve heard a lot about.  This truck can now tow and carry more than it was capable of in the past to give you the power you need whether you’re using this truck for work or play.  Secure the right one of the truck lease deals offered that will give you the drive you want in Hammond, IL.

A New Engine System

Under the hood of the Ram 1500, you’ll now find a new eTorque system that offers you a variety of benefits.  This mild-hybrid system improves your fuel mileage by 2-3 mpg without giving up any of the performance that you need when you drive.  This system is designed to keep the powertrain performance smooth during shits and make it easier for you to control the ride you want to enjoy when you’re ready to take this truck out on the road.  Get behind the wheel and feel the benefits of this new engine system.

A Lot for You to Enjoy when You Drive

The right pickup truck for you can be the new Ram 1500 that you’ll find at South Oak Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram today.  This is where you’ll find the truck lease deals you’re looking for to make it easy for you to drive on the roads in Hammond, IL and have the low payments of a lease.  Come in and see this team today and let them assist you in choosing the right Ram 1500 to drive and enjoy when it’s time for you to have a great drive.