Used Dodge Challenger Pricing Lenox, IL, Local Car Dealerships, Lease Deals

November 27th, 2018 by

How do You Spell Fun?

There is a vehicle that offers you the fun you want from behind the wheel at every level it’s offered.  This car has been pulled from the depths of yesteryear with a style that’s one of the most highly recognized throwbacks that we’ve ever seen while also giving us the benefit of an impressive ride.  The right way to spell fun is with a used Dodge Challenger and the affordable pricing you can enjoy in your Lenox, IL area where you can show off and see what the Challenger brings for your driving pleasure.

Even though we’ve seen the videos, if you want to head up the line to one of the most serious power monsters on the market, a used Dodge Challenger Hellcat can be a lot of fun when you take it out to the track.  For some of the other models of the Challenger you’ll want to drive, the pricing you’re looking for in Lenox, IL, you can show off a little and still have the daily driving enjoyment of a sports car that brings you the best of two worlds.  If this is the car for you, it’s time to check out the inventory at South Oak Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram in Matteson, IL.

The two worlds the used Dodge Challenger plays in are the one from the past and the one we live in now.  The Challenger is an unmistakable car with the throwback style of the muscle car from the 1960s and 1970s to give you a fantastic way to enjoy what it has to offer.  This throwback look has been blended with the modern era sophistication and equipment to ensure you have the right features on this car to give you the perfect ride for you.  Let the Dodge Challenger offer you affordable pricing and be the perfect car for your daily driving in Lenox, IL and you’ll have a lot of fun on the road.

One of the challenges of this car is the fact that it was previously only offered in RWD form.  For the 2017 model year, the used Dodge Challenger you choose can be equipped with AWD to give you the first time this car has had this type of control on the road or on the track.  Let this be the right car with the pricing you need in Lenox, IL, but make sure you schedule some track time so that you can see exactly how impressive the Challenger can be.

If you want a car that looks like it came out of your history book but has the modern technology to make perfect use of safety, electronics, and engine design, the used Dodge Challenger is the right car for you.  Check out the pricing and take one home to your Lenox, IL neighborhood today after you visit the team at South Oak Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram in Matteson, IL where you’ll enjoy the benefit of great deals and an impressive selection.  This is the team you want when you’re looking for the car that spells fun perfectly for you and gives you the feeling you’ve been waiting for.